Frans Cake Design and Floral Preservation

3PINKIVYFrans designs custom wedding, anniversary and party cakes. We specialize in Rolled Chocolate and Butter cream Icing with edible bows, ribbons and flowers. With a variety of designs and flavors and by using the freshest ingredients possible, the outcome is a work of art as well as a delicious conversation piece.

Frans Cakes are not mass produced. You are paying for unique handiwork and design. Prices are determined by the complexity of the design.

Bouquet Preservation is done by the freeze-drying method which assures your flowers will keep their shape and colors for an everlasting keepsake.

Like the best marriages, wedding cakes are built on firm foundations. The former rely on trust and love, the latter on sturdy separators, dowels, the finest ingredients, fresh ideas and experience.

I would like to help you with designing a cake that will suit your theme and style.
I have twenty years experience in the cake design and baking field, my cakes are guaranteed to taste as delicious as they look, my cakes are never frozen, or made in advance, so freshness is assured. Part of my service is delivery and set up. I work with your florist and the staff at the reception site to make sure your cake is ready for presentation.

We offer a wide variety of fillings and flavors, traditional and contemporary stands. In addition to the Bridal cake we offer wedding mints, Grooms and shower cakes.

If you would like your cake professionally made with attention to detail, and personalized give me a call, I would like to be a part of making your wedding a beautiful and special day.

Tips to Ensure Your Wedding Day Goes as Planned

The dream of every bride to be is to have a perfect wedding day. If grooms think this can happen just because they love each other then they are definitely wrong.A perfect wedding day is different from a life-long marriage. A perfect wedding day is more than the vows they have prepared for each other. The perfect wedding day consist more than that. We are not underestimating the sincerity of a well written vow here though. That is the cake itself! But for the cake to taste perfect, you have to work on the icing. And the icing is the other nitty-gritty details of the wedding.

So, how can you make a wedding day not just perfect because of your love for each other but perfect in all its aspects? Here are some tips to make your most anticipated day stunning:

  1. Research Early

You can never research too early when preparing for a wedding. Once he pops that question and you say yes, you should immediately plan. Research as early as you can. There are tons of things to do and suppliers to contact. The first thing you need to contact is a wedding planner. If you have the budget to hire a wedding planner to plan everything for you, you should definitely do that. You will only have to meet with him or her and coordinate whatever you want on your wedding day. If you do not have the budget for a wedding planner, you have to research suppliers. This will save you a lot of money and will also be a good bonding moment with your groom.

  1. Shortlist Suppliers

If you have to do things as a couple without a wedding planner, you have to shortlist suppliers. From wedding photographers in virginia, to caterers and flower arrangements and venue, you have a lot of things to prepare for. You have to short list suppliers to at max 3. You do not want to spend too much time visiting and contacting suppliers left and right. Check their online feedback and portfolio. By having a shortlist you maximize your time and not do too much work.

  1. Set up meetings with Your Chosen Suppliers

Once you have completed your shortlist, set up meetings with suppliers to check out their rates, packages and maybe you can still squeeze a little bargain. Choose suppliers which are close to your vicinity so that you would not waste too much time, effort and even gas going from one shop to another. When setting up meetings with suppliers, try to allot as much meetings in one day, so you don’t spend too much time on the road meeting suppliers and traveling.